Without «prássiño phos» for a new intervention in Syria ο Ερντογάν

The photograph showing the raising of the hands of Vladimir Putin and the Greek Orthodox Church came to underline that the “trial of Astana” reflects a more comprehensive and closer cooperation between the three countries, one of which is a member of NATO and the other. Ελληνικά τη τη επισήμως ο εἰσφός του ΝΑΤΟ και η της της για της ΕΠΑΣΑ μια Παράνητικη περισσότερα.

Of course, a closer reading of the history of this collaboration shows how developments in Syria over the last ten years have played a role in catalyzing it. And this is why ο εμφύλιος πόλεμος για τη Συρία meant significant risks for και για τις της three countries, even though from different αφετηρίες.

For Russia, the eventuality of the fall of the government meant the risk of losing a valuable ally in the region, which, among other things, secured Russian bases in the Mediterranean.

For Iran, the possibility of taking power in Syria, the movement of a Sunni philanthropist, such as the Islamic Kingdom, threatens both the Shiite population, especially in the neighboring island, as well as the overall balance of power in the region.

And for Turkey, which initially felt that there was an opportunity for «regime change» in Syria, the great danger was that within this restructuring treaty there was a possibility that a Kurdish state entity would be formed on Syrian territory, even under the leadership of the PKK.

The attitude of Russia and Iran

Russia and Iran initially had a clear position: to support the government of Damascus against armed Islamist organizations and on this basis to strengthen a political process that would ensure that Syria would remain a single sovereign state entity.

The latter meant that both Russia and Iran did not wish to have a Kurdish state entity on Syrian soil. Η Руссия гя на не выполнение η position тиш Δαμασκού και το Iran, which has a Kurdish minority, για να ον ονει κύλος Αλλάγών συνόρων around το κόρδικό. Also, neither of the two countries see eye to eye that the Kurdish YPG militia is the main ally of the US in Syria.

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Ατου το είνει είναι που προσέλκυσε και την Άγκυρα. Turkey apparently still has a position in favor of the overthrow of the government of Athens and supports the armed Islamists of the Syrian National Army. However, he knows that without the cooperation of Russia and Iran he would not be able to deal with the problem with the Kurds. Ιδίως from the moment that the USA insists on cooperation with them and treats them as the way in which they maintain a presence and, above all, a right to have a reason for the post-war developments in Syria. After all, to a large extent, the Turkish presence in Syria is based mainly on Russian forces. In addition, the way Russia manages the situation with the Syrian government forces is important for Turkey, as it means that there is a balance between other Islamic organizations in the region.

Η κοινία συνισταμένη και των των καρανία για τη συρία is precisely η ημομένη σε μία και συμπαρχη συρία, namely a Syria in which there will be no attempt at self-determination or self-determination of any region.

Βεβαίως η management της περισσόσεις δεν είναι πάντα συμασία. Russia and Iran are pushing for an acceleration of the path to a political solution through the dialogue that has already begun, which would put the issue of armed groups still active, including those supported by Turkey, on the horizon. .

However, Turkey seems to be determined to maintain and upgrade its presence on Syrian soil, seeking not only to attack the Kurds but also to modify the population composition in these areas. This contrasts with Russia and Iran.

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«No» to the new Turkish operation in Syria

Ато могуть на печалсей кая часть η Ιρανική leadership, δια στόματος του δια στόματος του δια του του συμπένου Αγιατολαχ Χαμενεΐ And Russia made it clear to Turkey that they could not approve another operation and that the operation would be carried out by the Turks. And that’s why Turkey wants to go there with Turkish forces along with the armed opposition organizations that Turkey supports. This is a direct conflict with the goal of the government forces, but Russia and Iran are not involved in the area where the government is in power. Russia’s 2019 commitment to the gradual withdrawal of Kurdish armed militias from the region refers precisely to government control of these areas and not to Turkey. This is the second attempt of Turkey, and the first one is apparently from the United States, which does not want to hurt its allies. And this means that it is very difficult for Turkey to proceed with a new big business without being in direct confrontation with the US, Russia and Iran.

Το κόνιο ανακοινωθέν

To κόνιο ανακοινωθέν Από τη σύνοδο της της Τεχεράνης Απότησης συνισταμένη της της την της και και περισσότερα της της της της της της της της της της. Repeated η position για «κυριαρχία, independence, unity και εδαφική ακεραιότες της Συριάκη Αραβική Δεμορακίας», η καταδίκη of all forms of terrorism but also η καταδίκη των «μη νομιμοποιημένων προτοβουλιών συμπορείας», an almost direct reference to Κουρδους.

Of particular importance is the «anti-paranoid arrest and transfer of oil revenues that should belong to Syria», which refers to the way the US deals with oil fields and extraction facilities in areas controlled by the Kurds.

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At the same time, the reference to the fact that in Northern Syria «security and stability in the region can only be achieved on the basis of preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country» makes it clear that the solution given to the Kurds is to reject their own plans. The entity is involved in the political process in Syria.

It is no coincidence, however, that in the background of Turkey’s threats for a new military operation on the territory of Syria, there have been collusions between the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, controlled by the Kurds, and the Syrian government forces, so that να προστέθεί η παραστός των γινεράτης δυνάμεων σε areas controlled by τους Κουρδους

Of particular importance is point 13 of the joint communique, which states that in addition to the situation in Syria, the three countries “confirmed their intention to strengthen their trilateral coordination in various fields with the aim of promoting political and economic cooperation”. , which is something close to the type of «European integration» that Russia and Iran are showing in particular.

It is not a coincidence that it was signed on the same day Agreement between the Russian Gazprom and the National Ιρανική Εταιρεία Πετρελαίου amounting to 40 δισεκατομμυρίων δολαρίων, an agreement with wider significance, if we consider that Russia has the largest natural gas reserves and Iran is the next largest.

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