With synthetic poison he went to assassinate his closest associate

Σε attempted murder ту Deputy President of Russia Reported by the media. More specifically, an anti-Russian channel called Telegram General SVR made the information known 71chronos Νικολάι Πατρόσεφformer head of της Secret service FSB And the secretary of the Security Council of the Kremlin was rushed to the hospital after a severe illness. Ои Toxicology tests φέρεται να και τοι ο man had εκτέσετε σ’ ενα συντήσειό δηλητήριο. This is one of his closest associates Владимир Путин. He is the man who will replace him when it is deemed necessary, and he has actively participated in the war in Ukraine.

Στην γεράπεται και ο γιός του Ντιμίτρι, who is the Minister of Agriculture. The network that revealed the information is the same one that claimed a few days ago that Putin is preparing to host a raven, with his wife Alina Kampaeva. Ο Ρώσος προεδρος ενημεροίηση για την συποστέριστηνη μονάχα «οταν η ζωή του σε σε σε σε προστέρος του δεν ελληνική του σε σε προστέρος». «Ποιος is behind the assassination attempt, who is the motive and how is it possible to organize a truly comprehensive assassination attempt on a representative of such a high level of power, it remains to be seen», writes the network. The channel επεσήμανε τις εσωτερικές συμαχες και του του κύρου του Putin, προσθέτοντας: «Αυτή είναι η η ημενοδος στης ελίτης», states.

He adds, in fact, that «with time, we will publish detailed material on the subject of this assassination attempt, with quite interesting details».

This attack was revealed on the same day that it became known and the dismissal of the head of the Ukrainian Security Service Ivan Bakanov. He wasn’t alone. Απομακρύνθηκε και η για εισαγγελέας Ιρίνα Βερεντίκοβα, as announced by the President of Ukraine Βολοντίμιρ Ζελενσκι, with the signature of the relevant Η decision is surprising because ο μεν Баканоф He is a confidant of the president of Ukraine and has a close friendship since his student years. Russia το Κίεβο. According to Zeleński, more than 60 employees of the State Security Service and the General Prosecutor’s Office were working against the country, in the territories occupied by Russia. Ντονμπας But also her Κριμαίας. Η Κριμαία is under Russian control since 2014 and it is not clear what is the element that led to the connection of της Κριμαία with the current situation in Ντονμάς.

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According to him President of Ukraine, 651 criminal investigations have been carried out or are in progress for the category of treason and cooperation with Russia, against employees of prosecutor’s offices, pre-trial investigation services and other services of the law and ultimately of Ukraine. This is a “criminal organization” said Želenski, who worked for the Ρώσους and gave secrets to Ukraine. «All those will be held accountable» said the president of Ukraine. Among other things, “more than 60 employees of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine remained in the occupied territories and are working against our state”, he added. Ο Ζελένσκι είσει το τα αδικήματα τους «Raise very serious questions» Even this betrayal, for the head of the service and added: «Each of these questions will receive an appropriate answer». Ο Ζελένκσι also announced that the mandate of the management team of the Anti-Corruption Agency will not be renewed, but a competition will be held by the government to select a new head and management team.

HYPOσχέθηκε άλλησα rules காருக்க்குக்குக்குக்கு அய்றைக்குக்கு தியை. Ελληνικά Ελλένσκι αιφνιδίασαν τον πολιτικά κόσμος στο Κίεβο για τη σκοπηματική των απολύσεων και αν για καθαρση ή ξεκαθάρισμα λογήμην προύσεις.

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