Why Dentias went to Ukraine – What worries Athens over the Russian-Ukrainian crisis?

Alexia Tasoli reveals the background of the visit of the Greek Foreign Minister. Nicos Tendias In Ukraine

The first thing of interest in Greek diplomacy is the case
The increase on the Russia-Ukraine border will see a lot of integrity
To be embarrassed. Like Mario who visited the Greeks yesterday
The Foreign Minister is within walking distance of the Donetsk region
It speaks Russian.

Greece is in principle supportive of the independence of the nations
Wants communication channels with Russia to be open.
Because an increase would activate US forces
Alexandropoli and soda.

Admiral Rob Boyer, Chairman of the NATO Armed Forces
When asked recently about the use of these two Greek sites he responded
That is, “it is not wise to talk openly about possible tactical moves.”

The second issue with Athens is character enhancement
Turkey maintains very close relations with Russia
Provides weapons and drones to Ukrainians.

Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Ukraine on Thursday was not a coincidence
There is also diplomatic and military cooperation with Kiev. The Turkish pyrethrum is also a reference point in intensity

In Athens, they knew that Erdogan had realized the opportunity he had
Given the Russo-Ukrainian crisis and the fact that the EU is divided over the issue of Turkish sanctions, Athens should be placed at meetings of the EU and NATO.

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