When a young teacher went out to jog, she was beaten by a stranger

The Irish The police vowed to move the earth and sky after the forest Murder A 22-year-old teacher who went jogging in Thullamore next to a small river.

The victim, Ashling Murphy, was killed in an accidental attack while training in a popular area of ​​the city yesterday afternoon.

Irish police are now urgently searching for witnesses who saw her Author And the killer attacked and killed her a while ago.

At a news conference today, it was stressed that Murphy was found with serious injuries, but he succumbed to them.

More than 50 police are investigating the shocking case. “We will move the earth and the sky and bring the culprit to justice,” the officials insisted.

The crime is believed to have been committed by one person, who acted alone. “If you have any information, no matter how important it is, we should ask you about it,” police said.

Police believe the unfortunate teacher was beaten to death by someone in the afternoon. The suspect in the case is a 40-year-old Romanian man who is being investigated as a murder suspect.

According to reports, the suspect had a problem with alcohol and had been living in the area for about 20 years.

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