“What did we want from the S-400? Will we be attacked …

Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemel Kliktroklu called foreign policy under Erdogan a “disaster”, accusing the Turkish president of isolating the country, especially in the eastern Mediterranean, while acknowledging that Turkey is currently strong in the region.

In an interview with Habertürk television, Kilicdaroglu said: “They have destroyed foreign policy. We have always viewed foreign policy as a national policy.

They privatized foreign affairs. Ibrahim Kalin now works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The power belongs to Erdogan. They put Turkey in the swamps of the Middle East. We will immediately order the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies in Syria and Egypt. Let’s say you want to make peace. We will say that we do not want a confrontation with Syria. Turkey is the most powerful country in the region. We will be together. We will stop the bloodshed there. The problem of Ukraine and Crimea is not only ours, it is a global problem. We must protect the Crimean Tatars.

We will build relations with Israel and, of course, defend the independent state of Palestine. The same goes for Libya. ”

“What do we want from the S-400?”

The opposition leader was surprised by Russia’s purchase of the S-400 anti-missile system, which has plunged Turkey into a number of diplomatic problems with the West.

“Why did they buy the S-400s? Will Greece, Iraq or Syria attack us? We took it in exchange for the (Russian) plane we shot down,” Kliktroklu said.

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The CHP leader pointed out Turkey’s shortcomings in the field of air defense, arguing that it is currently facing major difficulties in delivering new aviation technology.

“Our air defense system is very weak right now, everyone knows. There is a weak air defense system in Turkey in this region. They do not give us F-16 spare parts. We can not get our money back.” We paid for the F-35s. We will change our foreign policy to 180 degrees, “he promised, while blaming the Turkish president for the Cubistage on Qatar in the eastern Mediterranean.

“You called Qatar. You treated them after hardships and tribulations. Those who went to the eastern Mediterranean and collaborated with the Greeks. Did you hear a clue from this man? (S. Erdogan) He could not say a word. Why not? You speak. ‘ He was isolated in the eastern Mediterranean. They came and searched for oil in our exclusive economic zone. Behold, sir, why did you not make a fuss? Where was the hero? “.

“Watching” elections in September

The CHP leader predicted early elections in 2022, giving a September date.

“Great Turkey will emerge in 5 years. Wheels will turn in 6 months. (Erdogan) He knows leaving power will cost him dearly. The state is not ruled by tension. I look forward to the elections next September. The biggest looting took place in Turkey between December 20 and 27. Then lost, thanks to Mr Nepati “We learned that small savers suffered losses.

Speaking of “unprecedented humiliation” in the country, Kemel Kliktroklu reiterated that the government should hold the opposition accountable when it comes to power.

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At the same time, he targeted Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglo, arguing that “the conspiracy against us is because they could not digest the fact that we have taken Istanbul.”

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