Vikings: Valhalla – Netflix has released the trailer for the highly anticipated series

The Netflix The official trailer of the long awaited series has been released “Vikings: Valhalla” (Viking: Valhalla), Which was the forerunner of the successful Vikings.

The new series takes place 100 years after the completion of the original series, and tells of a new adventure that combines historical accuracy and drama with realistic and engaging action.

The creation was carried out again by Michael Hirst, Who collaborated with him Jeff Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive).

Check out the trailer

Vikings case: Valhalla
A thousand years ago, in the early 11th century, “Vikings: Valhalla” describes the heroic adventures of the most famous Vikings of all time – the famous explorer Leaf Erickson, his energetic and stubborn sister, Broider Eric, and the ambitious Scandinavian prince Harold Sigurdsson.

When the tensions between the Vikings and the English Blue Blood reach a bloody climax and the Vikings clash with their conflicting Christian and pagan beliefs, the three Vikings embark on an epic journey that will take them to the other side of the ocean. They will move from Cuttack to England and elsewhere as they strive for survival and glory.

The protagonists of the series

Sam Corlett as Life Ericsson
Greenland Leaf grew up on the fringes of the known world and came from a close family that clung to ancient pagan beliefs. Fearless Sailor and Strong Leaf introduces us to the Viking world undergoing a violent transformation.

Frieda Gustafson as Friedz Erikstotter
The passionate pagan, energetic and determined Freudian unrepentant believer in the “ancient gods”. Like his brother Leaf, he came to Cuttack as a foreigner and inspired archaeologists.

Shoot as Leo Harold Sigurdsson
The classic Viking Harold was one of the last frantic warriors. He was charismatic, ambitious and handsome and capable of mixing with both Odin God’s followers and Christians.

Brandley Frikard as King Nut
King of Denmark. The wise, intelligent and ruthless leader of the Vikings keeps his friends nearby while keeping enemies aside. His ambitions would shape the course of 11th century history and make him a prominent figure in the Viking era.

Johannes Johanneson as Olaf Haraldsson
Elder brother of Olaf Harold. He had a great physique and was an ambitious, tough and relentless Viking. He also believes in the Old Testament.

Laura Berlin as Emma of Normandy
The young, ambitious Emma Norman of Normandy comes from the court and comes from the Vikings. She is politically intelligent and one of the richest women in Europe.

David Oaks as Lord Godwin
Eventually a survivor and an excellent adviser to the King of England. He comes from the political edge, while at the same time he is able to progress thanks to his ingenuity.

Carolyn Henderson as Lord Hacken
An excellent warrior and tolerant leader, Hakone rules the fort wisely. Although she was a pagan, she was able to make Kattekat an open city to all beliefs during difficult times. Inspired by her wisdom, she becomes Freud’s strong counselor.

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Some returning characters:

Paulianna McIntosh as Queen of Elphigifos

The insidious and ambitious Queen of Denmark Elf Kifu will play a key role in the ongoing struggle for political power in Northern Europe. He uses his charm and cunning with great success, promotes the interests of his native Mercia, and finds a place for himself in the growing power structure of Kunut.

Lord Carey is a threat to the ancient pagan tradition.

The “Vikings: ValhallaWill be screened at Netflix On February 25th.

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