USA: Таυтопофииться та лейпафана поу выходно се се «спити тромоу» исуда апо 41 горони

After 41 years, the researchers of the county of Crete, with the help of the University of Northern Texas and the DNA technology company Parabon Nan Labs, based in the city of Bírtzínia. ליפיפנא who were found in his house δολοφόνου.

The remains belong to Τερεσσα Καρολίν Τίλλιγκιμ who had disappeared in 1980 from την τάμπα της Τλόριντα. Η Φίλλιγκιμ is the third of the four victims of Μάνσφιλντ Tζ who were revealed in April 1981 in «σπίτι της φρίκης».

The remains that were discovered in a garbage dump in Φλόριντα 41 years ago match the missing angel, the victim of a serial killer who is now in prison for life in California, officials said. CBSNews.

Η then 17-year-old Τερεσα had fallen victim to the serial killer Μάνσφιλντ Tζ., ο who had been convicted of the murder of five women. Two of the victims, including ΦΙλιγκιμ, had not been identified until now.

«Τον March και τον April του 1981, ἀνακτητης από την την την Μάνσφιλντ human remains» εξέγησε η police.

«Δύο από τα victims were recognized immediately. The other two victims remained unknown until today, but one of the victims was recently identified.

The remains of the effigy when collected in 1981 were found in multiple laboratories over the next few years, but no one was able to identify them.

Προσπάθησαν again this year, using the service «Snapshot DNA Phenotyping» of Parabon, η which creates a description of the θυμματή instead of looking for a genetic partner, εξήγησαν aξιοματούχοι.

«Χρησιμοποιοντάς ελληνικά DNA from this research, το Snapshot παραγάες προσεις τύρατησης για το τύμα τύμα. Individual predictions were made for the location of the subject, the color of the eyes, the color of the hair, the color of the skin, the face and the shape of the face,” said a press release.

«Με ηρεμεί το το εἰμενος because I know πως δεν την έχασα» said η πράδή της Φίλλιγκιμ, Μαργκαρετ.

«That’s what happened to my whole family. Ο my father died without knowing it, η my mother died without knowing it… η adelfή μου died without knowing it» συμπλήρωσε.

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