US sends 500 tons of weapons to Kiev! (Image)

Putin’s rage. NATO has completely ignored the request not to engage in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin made his first direct comments on the crisis that has erupted in Ukraine since December.

According to the Daily Mail, the Russian president stressed that the United States and NATO have completely ignored the main concerns expressed by the Kremlin.

“The United States has come home with rockets on our doorstep,” Putin told a joint news conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Tuesday (February 1).

“Are you asking us for various guarantees? You must guarantee us! You! Right now!” Now! “, He underlined, apparently annoyed.

Today, the sixth US military relief mission landed in Kiev by cargo plane, donating 500 tons of security equipment to the current government of the country!

A photo taken inside the plane shows the aid, including 84 tons of ammunition. The United States has been working hard to strengthen Ukraine’s position amid fears of a Russian invasion.

“Withdraw the troops now!”

“If Russia does not want to invade Ukraine, it’s time for Russian troops to leave the border between the two countries,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in a telephone conversation today. Foreign Office Officer.

“If President Putin does not really want war or regime change, Foreign Minister Lavrov will tell Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov (to Moscow) to withdraw his troops and heavy weapons and start a serious dialogue, which will” strengthen overall European security, “he told Reuters.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the US Secretary of State had acknowledged that there were reasons to discuss Moscow’s concerns through direct talks with Ukraine.

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“Anthony Blingen acknowledged that there were reasons to continue the conversation on Russia’s security,” Lavrov told Russian television after a telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State.

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