US: Russia 70% ready to invade Ukraine – Kiev fall kills tens of thousands, millions of refugees

Russia has gathered About 70% of military capability U.S. defense officials have told Reuters that a large-scale invasion of Ukraine is needed in the coming weeks.

U.S. officials have warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could kill up to 50,000 civilians. They also estimated that Kiev would fall within two days of the Russian invasion and cause a refugee crisis in Europe. Millions of people will flee.

The ground is expected to freeze hard in mid-February, allowing Moscow to bring in more heavy equipment, anonymous officials said. Two U.S. officials told the news agency that the weather would provide a “window” to bring the bulk of the equipment to Russia from February 15 to the end of March.

Moscow seems to have gathered More than 100,000 players Near the border with Ukraine, but did not plan an attack. U.S. officials have not commented on the allegations. They said the information was based on intelligence, but could not provide details due to their sensitivity.

However, US officials said they did not know whether Russian President Vladimir Putin planned to invade Ukraine, adding that a diplomatic solution was still possible.

Additional U.S. troops Have come to Poland As part of a new development to upgrade NATO forces of the Western military alliance in the region. The first group landed in the southeast of the country on Saturday. The Biden government announced a few days ago that it would send nearly 3,000 additional troops to Eastern Europe.

Moscow says its troops are in the area for military exercises, but Ukraine and its Western allies are concerned that the Kremlin is planning an offensive.

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