Ukrainian: Tested within the United States

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, in a pro-Russian rhetoric, asked Republican Michael Turner why the United States is on the side of the Ukrainians, not the Russians, to get the answer, “Ukraine is a democracy.” (REUTERS / Sergey Pivovarov)

At the time President of the United States Strives for the unity of allies against RussiaInside volume tested United StatesDue to a split between the traditional hawks of the Republican Party and a faction of supporters of the former president Trump. Fox News editor Tucker Carlson, with his continued rhetoric in favor of Russia and against foreign intervention, is pushing the Republican right to undermine not only US foreign policy but also party leadership.

Lawmakers such as Matt Rosedale, Lauren Bobbert, Paul Gossard, Thomas Massey and Marjorie Taylor Green have publicly argued that the United States should not confront Russia. Former President Donald Trump Jr.’s son has described reports that Joe Biden plans to send 50,000 troops to strengthen Europe’s security as “crazy”.

On Fox News, Carlson asked Republican Michael Turner why the United States sided with Ukraine, not Russia. “I ask honestly,” Carlson said. “Ukraine is a democracy. Russia is a dictatorship that wants to impose its will on Ukraine’s legally elected government. We are with democracy,” Turner said.

Democratic Senate. Richard Blumenthal expressed concern about international impacts. “Our allies are watching very closely and looking for signs of a split,” he said. Republican senators did not appear to be compelled by the news, although most rejected them only personally. Sanctions against Russia and military and financial assistance to Ukraine will be tabled in the Senate next week. His vote split will retaliate for the speech.

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What a poll shows

But this does not match the preferences of most Republican voters. According to Yukov, 62% of Republican voters consider Vladimir Putin to be a stronger leader than Joe Biden. Democrat Tom Malinowski said his office was receiving phone calls from voters who clicked on Carlson’s accusation, urging him to support Russia’s “legitimate” demands for NATO’s exit from Eastern Europe. So far, however, US allies in Europe have relied on the Biden administration and the Republican leadership in the coalition in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Paul Kozar, one of Trump’s Republicans, said: “Not a single American soldier should die in Ukraine. We lost Afghanistan to some shepherds with sandals. “The Russian military is not a joke.”

Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy, on the other hand, said: “There is absolutely no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. If Putin invades, he must pay a heavy price.”

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