Ukraine: Zhelensky and Fiden agree to work to defuse crisis | The world

Biden-Zhelensky debate on the crisis Ukraine.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky, himself a Long conversation He was involved in a joint operation with his US envoy, Joe Biden, to defuse tensions with Russia.

US warns: North Stream 2 pipeline to end if Russia invades Ukraine

Russia: NATO has no obligation to defend Ukraine – Section 5 does not apply

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Washington has backed Ukraine in the conflict with Moscow following Russia’s mobilization of tens of thousands of troops along the two countries’ borders in recent weeks. Russia has rejected a plan to attack its neighbor.

“We discussed the current diplomatic efforts (to reduce tensions) and agreed to joint action in the future. I thank President Joe Biden for his continued military assistance.” We also discussed the possibility of providing financial assistance to Ukraine, “Zelensky said in a Twitter post.

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