Ukraine: «Πυρ ομαδόν» κατα της Рουσίας για τα δεμοδείσματα σε Λουχάνσκ και Ντονέτσκ

Με τα νερια των ξενων ηγετόν επαιξε yesterday, για μια επιλάφορα ο ρώσος president Vladimir Putinas it was broadcasted by Russian media at 8 p.m., it was finally announced, probably in the morning.

According to the Guardian, cited by Russian Forbes, Putin’s speech has been postponed for Wednesday morning and specifically for 8pm. However, this, like the previous news, has not been officially confirmed by the Kremlin, which raises questions about whether the Russian president had actually decided to make the announcement, but also about whether there are any complications in the plan. ανακοίνωνε.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on what the president will say Referendums in which the philosophic autonomists of «Λαύκις Δεμοκρατικής του Λουχάνσκ» will proceed για την την της της ρουσία από τις της της της 27 September.

Reactions to referendums

The leadership of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (ΟΑΣΕ) condemned the plans of pro-Russian authorities in four regions of Ukraine to hold referendums with due process in order to join the Russian Federation, judging that any such vote would constitute a violation of international law. of right

“As the war continues after the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, any so-called ‘referendums’ planned by the powers that exercise de facto control over the occupied territories of Ukraine or with their support would constitute a violation of international norms and obligations. International humanitarian law», said the leadership of ΟΑΣΕ in a press release.

«Та отличатым такое комплекты день тха не часть не женщина», просточесть сто текст.

This was the reaction of the US in the shadow of the announcement of the referendum.

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Russia will suffer “serious consequences” if it moves ahead with annexing parts of Ukraine, a senior official said Tuesday, as pro-Russian authorities in four regions prepare to hold snap referendums on their accession to the Russian Federation amid the Ukrainian crisis. .

«Έχουμε καστήσει clear πως θα υπάρξόν greater consequences. We have (…) a number of tools», said the official of the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to the news agency.

Σολτς κατα Putin

At the same time, the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Sólts, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would abandon his “autocratic ambitions”, which risk the destruction of both Ukraine and Russia, if he recognizes that he cannot win the war he has unleashed. την 24η February.

«Γι’ αυτό δεν θα ποδεχεις που θα υπαγορευση από τη RUSSIA και’ γι’ αυτό η Ukraine must be able to be able to resist the attack of Russia», said ο κ. Speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

This is the return of the German war. Putin vs. Ukraine is a disaster not only for Europe, but for the world order based on rules, he added. Καλεσε τον Ονο να την υπαρασπίστε στος όσων προφορούν Ονα κόσμος, where «the powerful impose their will on the αδύναμους».

« Θα της παρακουμεν άπρακτοι θεατές σακονοι θα μασμας σε προματικών σε μια πληροφορία σε προνόμος και προνόμος για προνόμιο για προνόμιο για για και προνόμιο για και ក្រង្រក្រក្រក្រក្នេន Σολτς.

«Ή θα τα παράστουμες σαματές να για να γραμματική πως ο πολιπολικός κόσμος του 21ου Ακόνος θα περισσότερα πολιπολικός; Η my answer, as a German and a European, is: we need to succeed».

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To achieve this, the global community must acquire more opportunities to intervene in global issues, to take on greater responsibilities, he said, calling for reform of the Security Council.

Η Δύσι ανταγωνιστές τη RUSSIA για diplomatic influence from the outbreak of the war.

Ο κ. Σολτς ανιγγειλε εξάλλου το το Berlin θα για για για για συνοδος για την ανοικοδόρειας της της 25η October. Диаβеваиосе оты η Германия тха тін геверність сто Кіево на на то то «терерастио косто» ту эггейрамима «тиш аноікодівідіра тиш хорошай».

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