Turkish media – What exchange did Russia ask for to intervene in Kazakhstan?

There is a lot of tension there Kazakhstan, The riots with the pulse of “deplorable state” after they became an uprising against the government, there are many comments from the foreign media, writes the Russian website Gazeta.ru.

Series of requests

As part of this, Turkey believes that Russia has submitted a series of demands to the Kazakh authorities before satisfying Kazakhstan’s request for a CSTO (= Joint Security Agreement) to intervene in the context of democracy.

Therefore, the Turkish Akit (SS: Yeni Akit), citing unnamed sources, writes that the terms set by Moscow in the Noor-Sultan (SS: capital of Kazakhstan) were equivalent to helping to stabilize the situation. “Small Business”.

“Russia has set a number of conditions to help Kazakhstan. “These conditions include recognition of the annexation of Crimea, the restoration of Russian as a second official language, the granting of military bases to Russia and the autonomy of the Russian minority,” the Turkish publication said.

“Terrorist Threat”

On January 5, amid unrest in Kazakhstan, President Qasim-Jomar Tokayev appealed to CSTO leaders to help his country overcome this “terrorist threat.”

Shortly afterwards, the group announced its intention to send a peacekeeping team to assist Noor-Sultan.

The group of Russian peacekeepers consisted of Special Forces units of the Air Force, particularly the 76th and 45th Air Force Divisions of the Air Force Special Forces Division.

Earlier, a group of Turkish countries, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, announced their support for the Kazakh government.

Source: gazeta.ru, yeniakit.com.tr, echedoros-a.gr,

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