The ten worst airports for travel this summer – Delays and cancellations

Όποιος has been found recently σε ένα Airport It has been realized that the demand for travel has recovered to a great extent, since the tourist traffic is again very high. But that’s why it’s necessary to meet the needs of air travelers.

If we add the summer conditions to the equation, combined with the lack of airline employees, then we have a «perfect cataclysm» of delays and cancellations, which gets worse with each passing day.

Indicative is the situation at the airport Πίρσον στο Τορόντο του Canadawhere more than half of scheduled flights between 26 May and 19 July were delayed, according to data collected by CNN Travel.

According to data, 52.5% of scheduled flights at the airport have been delayed this summer. Το Τορόντο Πίρσον κατατάσσεται εται 4η της της της πληροσεις πλήτεσεων worldwide, with 6,5% of its flights being canceled during this period.

Η Air Canada, in fact, introduced on Tuesday a flexible policy that offers ticket changes without charge (αναλογα με τη τη της της), η which is specifically aimed at the airport of Τορόντο Πίρσον «λόγω τέρασεων μεγαλύτερα του του του του του του του του του του του ξενοματικός.

This policy allows travelers to change flights departing from or arriving at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport or delaying their return journey to that airport.

It’s also at the airports of Europe

Of course, Toronto’s airport isn’t the only one with cancellations and delays.

Seven of the 10 airports on the list with the most delays this summer are in Europe. Airports in France, Paris, Amsterdam and London are experiencing significant delays, according to FlightAware data.

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In fact, at London’s Christchurch airport, they went so far as to ask the airlines to stop selling tickets for flights abroad.

The best situation is in USA

On the other hand, the situation is better in the USA, since only one airport «φιγουράρει» in the list of airports with delays.

This is Orlando Airport in Florida.

List of 10 airports experiencing the most delays:

  1. Airport Πίρσον του Τορόντο (Καναδάς): 52.5%
  2. Airport της Φρανκφουρτης (Γερμανία): 45.4%3.
  3. Airport Σαρλ ντε Γκολ, Paris (Γαλλία): 43.2%
  4. Airport Σίπχολ (Άμστερνταμ): 41.5%
  5. London Airport (Βρετανία): 41.1%
  6. Airport Χίθροου (Βρετανία): 40.5%
  7. Monaco Airport (Germany): 40.4%
  8. Airport Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος Αθήνα (Ελλάδα): 37.9%
  9. Airport of Σίδνεϋ (Αυστραλία): 34.2%
  10. Orlando Airport (ΗΠΑ): 33.4%

What about flight cancellations?

On the other hand, when it comes to flight cancellations, the airport of Athens in China is the first airport in the list of the top 10 in the world with the most cancellations. It is also home to another airport in China, Chongqing.

In this list, the USA does not fare so well, since we find three American airports, while we find only one European one, that of Ολλαδνίας.

List of 10 airports with the most cancellations:

  1. Airport Σένζεν (Κίνα): 7.9%
  2. Airport Νιούαρκ Λίμπερτι (ΗΠΑ): 7.4%
  3. Airport Λα Γκουάρντια, Φλόριντα (ΗΠΑ): 7%
  4. Airport Τορόντο Πίρσον (Καναδάς): 6.5%
  5. Airport Σοεκάρνο-Χάτα (Ινδονησία): 6.2%
  6. Airport Κινγσφορτν, Σίδνεϋ (Αυστραλία): 5.9%
  7. Guangzhou Airport (Κίνα): 5.2%
  8. Ronald Reagan Airport (ΗΠΑ): 5%
  9. Tsunami Airport (Kina): 4.6%
  10. Airport Σιπχολ Άμστερνταμ (Ολλανδία): 3.9%

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