The squid was found to live at a depth of 6,200 meters above sea level

A young pigeon squid (belonging to the genus Magnapinidae) was discovered by researchers at the bottom of a Philippine trench 6,200 meters below sea level. The previous record was set by another pigeon squid found at an altitude of 4,700 meters below the Pacific Ocean. Four cer octopuses have been reported at the same depth on researchers’ radar. According to Michael Vesion, co – author of the study, this is the second time that tambo octopuses have been found at such depths. This proves that previous observations of cephalopods in the tomb of Java were not accidental. “This dive shows how many different types of cephalopods can live in the upper reaches of these deep ocean trenches.” Is the pressure 600 times higher than at sea level? ”Is even more surprising.

Pickfin was spotted in March 2021 during a search of the wreckage of the USS Johnston (a US Navy destroyer that sank during the Battle of Leight Bay in 1944). With the help of the unmanned submarine DSV Limiting Factor (the same type of submarine used by Victor Vescovo to descend to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in June 2020), the researchers videotaped diving to the bottom of a Philippine trench. More than four hours. The research team discovered the giant squid above the sea floor. Although the submarine was very high and it was difficult to record the squid in detail, scientists were finally able to see some of its features.
Its huge rear paddles but special way for swimming. So their identity was confirmed. In fact, because its tents were relatively close, they thought it was a young squid. The research team published its findings in the journal Marine biology.

Source of information: Direct science

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