The hour of truth for the port of Alexandroupolis

Life is full of coincidences, until some of them turn out not to be. Η εν λόμενο φράση θα κατέσεις στή στη στη…με εχάρις εσχάτων που περισσότες της ενόπεις της της το την δενευτικές προφορών για την την τεμοχική στο Port of Alexandria (ΟΛΑ), which has acquired the character «φιλέτου», for a number of reasons. Η και και του εμπλοκή του τον νατούκό κατά του του War in Ukrainebut it also serves as a reference point for allied forces in the North-Eastern Mediterranean, beyond its commercial position.

At the same time, in a period of increased interest in LNG cargoes, the prospect of building a second FSRU plant in Alexandroupolis from Gastrade, ο όμιλος Κοπελούζουfurther updates The importance of port.

As reported by the source with direct knowledge of διεργασιών στο, especially these last days «γίνεται χαμός στο παρασκήνιο», among των της της της εταιριών. A battle that also has geopolitical characteristics, given the importance of the port for the plan. Στην κούρσα «diagnosed» by four players: η American sympathizers Quintana Infrastructure & Development and η also «американікоу color» конипрация тон Black Summit Financial, Euroports, EFA Group and others. As for the other two schemes, these are the consortium Cameron SA, Goldair Cargo and Bollore Africa Logistics, but also the Organization of the Sea of ​​Thessaloniki, which is majority owned by Ινάν Σαββίδη.

The deadline for binding offers is today at 17:00, when the ΤΑΙΠΕΔ will be asked to seal the offers of those who are currently interested. Θα καταθεσουν all offer; As of late in the evening, the competent sources were not sure that the four defendants would be involved in the trial process. Of course, everything will appear in a few minutes from now.

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In this business environment, the meeting that is going to take place today seems to be of special interest and that is why the Americans are George Tsounnis He is expected to meet with the Port Authority. Ο κ. Φσούνης θα στο πλερουρό του Α/ΓΕΕΘΑ Κωνσταντίνου Φλώρου, who visits the area. Ο κ. Φσούνης, βεβαίως, has Εφεση στα deals, είναι και ο προκάτοχός του Τζέφρι Πάιατ, του και ο διορισμός ως υφυπουργού Ενέργειας των ΕάΠΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΑΝΙΝΕΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΝΙΙΝΙΙΝΙΙΝΙΙΙΝΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙΙ HAVE SHOWN ΕΜΗΕΙΟΙΙΙ. And, of course, the American interest in Alexandroupolis is holy and far-reaching.

Ραντεβού Δένδια-Νούλαντ

In this environment of international unrest, geopolitics and energy, today’s meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs is of particular interest Νικου Δένδια in New York with the U.S. Secretary of State Victoria Island. H κ. Νούλαντ ελλάδα η Εμερικάδα Αξιοματούχος που έχειρει επιράδεις για τον αγωγό Eastmed κατά της της της στην Ελλάδα, είναι Περιστούς διαύλους και την Άγκυρα. Οπωσ και, η της της με τον κ. Δενδια comes at a moment when η Turkey has… ΝΑΤΟ And by flirting with Russia and refusing to apply sanctions. Ο κ. Δένδιας is expected to underline that η Turkey has…ξεφύγει completely, κλιμακοντική την προκλητικότες σε τα τα τάνες. Anyway, at the meeting, the new energy balances in the wider region will be set, with Greece expanding its alliances.

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