The first death occurred from the “Omicron” variant

The Thailand The health official announced today that the first death has been reported from a highly contagious variant of the Omigron corona virus.

She is an 86-year-old woman from the southern province of Tsongla. Thailand filed its first case of variation last month, thus resuming compulsory isolation for foreign visitors.

“The woman was bedridden and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease,” Health Ministry spokeswoman Rungrueng Kitpaty told Reuters.

He said Omicron is expected to die as more than 10,000 variants have been recorded in the country so far.

He added that no additional restrictions were needed.
There are 8,077 new cases and 9 deaths reported in Thailand today, bringing the number of cases to 2.3 million since the outbreak in 2020 and the number of deaths to nearly 22,000.
Of the approximately 72 million people, 66% have been vaccinated with the two-dose corona virus and 14.9% with the booster dose.

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