The epithet with a knife to Σαλμάν Ρουσντί, τον συγγραφέα των «Satanic Stories»

Επιθεση δέχέτα ο author Σαλμάν Ρουσντίagainst which φετφά has been issued by φανατικός ισλαμιστες, because his work is considered to be τοι βλασφημεί την ισλαμική θρησκεία.

Ο Ρουσντί will speak on Friday at an event at the Τσοτόκουα Institute, about 120 kilometers south of Πάφαλο, in the State of New York.

The Associated Press reports that the perpetrators of the attack appeared on stage while they were presenting the film. τον μαχαίρωσε.

Ο the author Fell to the ground και ο άκτηστης ακινητοποιήτης, while later arrested.

Мартыриески каи виды show that ο the author is transferred to the hospital with stab wounds. His health condition is not yet known.

The 75-year-old, born in India, has been receiving threats to his life for decades.

The book «Σατανικοί Στίχοι» is banned in Iran since 1988. A year later Εκδάδεσε τον φετφά που καλαυσε στον του Ρουσντί. Also had επικηρυχτη για about 3 εκτ. Dollars.

Ektote, as the Associated Press notes, the government of Iran has distanced itself from the conflict, although the feelings of the author remain hostile.

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