The American flight-passenger to London returned after refusing to wear a flight mask

An American Airlines flight from Miami (US) to London (UK) crashed halfway on Thursday after a passenger refused to wear a mask, the airline said.

“American Airlines Flight 38, which connects Miami to London, returned to Miami because a customer caused trouble by refusing to comply with the federal requirement to wear a mask,” he told AFP.

A Boeing 777 with 129 passengers and 14 crew on board was greeted by Miami police as it landed.

“When the plane arrived at the landing gate, the passenger was ejected from the plane (by Miami police) without any problems,” a police official told CNN.

American Airlines, for its part, said its customer involved in the incident was “pending further investigation” and that it had been added to an “internal list” of people who refused to board.

The American Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) announced a zero tolerance policy for passengers refusing to wear a mask in January 2021, as corporate cabin employees encountered multiple verbal – and sometimes physical – incidents. In accordance with this obligation.

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Source: Sky.G.R.

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