Spain: Προσπάθησε να πνιση τη σύντροφό του σε συντριβάνι

An incredible scene unfolded before the eyes of dozens of bystanders when a man tried to drown his friend inside. fountain tis Spain.

It all started when the couple got together with their partner in a pool in Spain’s Valencia. There a περαστικός προσφέρθηκε να τος τους τους το τος το προφέρει τος παραπακέ το το τους και τράπηκε σε φυγή.

The 52-year-old man said he was responsible for his partner and started hitting her. In the video released to the public, he is seen holding her by the hair and trying to put her head in the water. The crowd at the spot began to shout: “I’m going to kill you” and screamed at him to let her go.

There are two men in the middle to help her. One of them does a headlock and the other one starts hitting him to free the woman.

Despite the efforts of the two men, the 52-year-old continues to pull the woman’s hair with fury, while at the same time hitting the men who tried to help her.

Ύστερα από προστήρα ο man leaves τη γιανόνη, η κατήσει εταιρεται επιράώς καταβεβλημένη.

The man was arrested by the police for murder, but his details have not been released so far.


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