South Africa: Τουλάχιστον 18 νεκροί σε δύο χεχοριστες Αστέρες με σε σε Bar

18 people were killed yesterday Saturday South Africa σε δύδο την περιστατικά με shooting σε bars, it became known today by the police.

In the city of Πίτερμαριτζβουργκ, in the eastern part of South Africa, four people have lost their lives and eight others were injured in a shooting incident that took place at 20:30 (local time) at a bar in the city.

«Στις 20:30 a group of people drank their drink in a night club when a vehicle stopped in front of the bar», the police said. «The men came out of the vehicle, entered the bar and fired indiscriminately against the customers», he added.

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Double attack

Δώδεκα people were hit by bullets: δώδο πέθαναν επί τουπου και δώ οργος υπέκυψαν στα τραύματα τους later στο στο χοπολίσεις. The victim is still being treated.

The dead are between 30 and 45 years old.

Λίγο was known earlier that 14 people were shot dead in the bar of Σοβέτο, close to Γιοχάνεσμπουργκ.

The police received a call a few minutes later. «Φτασαμενος στο συμπαγή, δώδεκα ναμορος ελληνική εκράτης της τραύματα από σφαίρες», διευκρίνισε η Νονχλάνχλα Κουμπέκα aξιοματούχος της πολογήματούχος.

Ενδεκα χρυματίες διακομίσεις στο χοπολίσεις και δύο εχ έχ τους υπέκυψαν shortly afterwards, he added.

According to the commander of the police department of Orlando, the town of Sivoveto, the perpetrators of the attack “reached the spot and fired at the people who were trying to disperse”.

As explained by Koumpeka, the police are still at the scene and have launched an investigation into the incident, although no arrests have been made yet.

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