She is jailed for a post on Facebook that was “offensive” to Islam

A Moroccan woman was sentenced on Monday to two years in prison for «subversion of her religion» due to a post she made on Facebook and was judged to be «offensive» to Islam, according to her brother in law (AFP).

39-year-old Φατίμα Καρίμ was arrested by the police on July 15 and was in custody, her brother said. He was brought before the court because he taught in a satirical style, in Arabic on his personal page on Facebook, in verses from the Koran and the prophecy of Moses.

Η Καρίμ, η και προστείει να άσκήσει έφεσι, επικάτηση το δικαίωμά της στην της της της δεν διαφορίες που διαστήσεις από το Σύνταγμα του Μαρόκου, έεισε ο άρδαρός της στο AFP. According to him, his brother asked publicly that he had no intention of undermining Islam.

The court of the city of Uent Žem, 150 kilometers away from Καζαμπλάνκα, found her guilty and sentenced her to two years in prison. «The law is very hard. Μασ γυρνάει πολλά κρονή παρατής», σχολίασε ο γραδρός της.

Article 267-5 of the criminal code of Morocco, on the basis of which Φατίμα Καρίμ was convicted, provides for a prison sentence of six months to two years for anyone who “disobeys the moral religion”. Η ποινή may be increased to five years in prison if το αδίκημα διαπραχήτης διαποσίως, «συμποσία των ελληνικά διεύμενο». The same article also provides for severe punishment for «instigation against the monarchical regime» and «subversion of the territorial integrity» of the kingdom.

Organizations for the protection of human rights have denounced this specific article, noting that it “doesn’t define specifically” what could be described as “subversion”.

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In June 2021, an Italian woman was sentenced to 3,5 years in prison by the court of Morocco for «subversion of the Muslim religion» because she published satirical phrases on Facebook based on verses from the Koran. However, the girl was released a little later, after – μετα την έφεσι – η ποινή της μετατράπηκε σε φυλάκιση δωμάτια με επιστήσεις, ευτά από Επηρεσία διαμαρτυρίας οργανήσεων για την παράσπιση των άντροπάνων ρωμάτης.


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