Saudi Arabia: Man sentenced to ‘humiliation’ for sexual harassment

In court Saudi Arabia This week called for the press to publish the name of someone convicted of sexual harassment “for the first time”, the new sentence considered the most barrier to committing these types of crimes in the Conservative kingdom.

The Saudi Arabia Only in 2018 did sexual harassment become a crime in an environment promoted by social reforms Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman And aims to enhance the image of the country.

“A Saudi court has sentenced a citizen to life imprisonment for sexual harassment, the first such court ruling in the country,” state television reported. El Xperia.

According to the network, this is the first use of the new sentence added in 2021 to the 2018 law, which stipulates sexual harassment is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of 70,000 euros.

This decision was made by her court Medina, One of the holiest sites in Islam, faces up to eight months in prison and a fine of up to 200 1,200. Yasser Muslim Al Arawi, Step Local newspaper Ogas.

The Al Arawi The newspaper clarified that he had been punished for “touching the victim from behind, attacking him verbally and stubbornly”.

Disclosure of the name of the offender is a punishable offense for certain offenses Saudi Arabia And its other rich nations Bay, The punishment of the fine was not considered a hindrance especially to the rich.

Six in another case Saudis Arrested in August 2021 for harassing a foreign tourist Riyadh.

Sometimes Prince Mohammed In 2017, she became the country’s de facto leader, Women Saudi Arabia They have certain rights, such as traveling alone, driving or attending concerts with men.

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While some of these reforms have been welcomed by the international community, a section of the country’s population and NGOs have condemned the crackdown on critics of the government and, in particular, many feminists in prisons.

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