Research – Omigran does not need a vaccine – return to normal in March

According to the scientific explanation of the Director of the International Epidemiology Department at Boston General Hospital, positive news about the evolution of the epidemic is coming from the United States and its characteristics. Let us be confident. According to its results Research The peak of the Omicron wave will be between January 10 and 21, followed by a retreat. “We are fighting a final battle with him as he returns to normal in March,” he said Corona virus.

He also mentions data on how the level of positivity develops, what is the sensitivity of the tests at Omigran, whether a special vaccine is needed to deal with it and how to explain the increase in hospital admissions when there is a new variant. Very delicate

Key points of the study

1 Nearly 100% of positive cases in Massachusetts are Omigron. The delta has almost completely disappeared from New England.

2 This wave peaks between 10/1 and 21/1 and then begins a rapid downward trend of cases lasting two to four weeks.

3 We end up with a 20-50% positive ratio.

There will be significant improvement on 4 February and we will start to return to normal in March

5 Omigran is present in the nose and upper respiratory tract, making it highly contagious. However, it cannot “connect” with the lungs like other types.

What applies to trials and increased hospitals

6 Increased hospitalization should be considered, but with caution, most of these include secondary admissions (i.e. those who go to the hospital for other events – surgeries, etc.) and are tested for corona virus).

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7 Omicron does not need a vaccine because they do not have time to develop it before it completely disappears and will give us the immunity we need to deal with the variation before we all get sick.

COVID-19 will be added to the 4 corona viruses we already face that cause colds and upper respiratory infections. It can turn into a childhood disease, which mainly affects young children who are not immune.

9 40% of the victims will be asymptomatic.

10 Rapid tests 50-80% of people with symptoms are sensitive, but only 30-60% are sensitive without symptoms

Monitoring and isolation

Tracking 11 contacts is not a bar because we are all trapped and there is no way to prevent it.

12 We are waging the last war with Govt-19, we need to return to normal life, but the community is not ready for it yet.

13 We should not go to work or be isolated unless we have a weakened immune system or are over 85 years of age. However it is recommended to stay away from large concentrations for the next six weeks.

14 Spring and summer will be great!

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