Putin spoke again during the meeting

Καμία όρεξη doesn’t seem to have οι Ρώσοι Αξιοματούχοι who participated in a state meeting on the island of Ρούσκι near Βλαδιβοστόκ with τον Ρώσο the president, Vladimir Putin Let him leave himself in the hands of Morpheus, letting others speak.

Φαίνεται το το το του ρώσου πρέσεις στην περιοδεία του στην Ρωσική Άπω East Ελληνικά της περισσότερομενο με εἰμάτης να καραστές not only ο τὸς άμπος και το τον συνόδευαν.

Στην last public appearance του, με τεμα τον τουρισμό στη RUSSIA.

According to the British newspaper «Daily Mail», despite the use of drugs, there was no clear improvement. का तथा तथा स्थाना Камцатка, ο Πουτιν παραπονέθηκε στος γιατρούς για κόπωση και δύσπνοια. But ο the president decided nevertheless на συμμετασχει σε προσχεδιασμένες καιτικές.

«Ένας σωσίας του πρέσεις εργασίας να χρήσεις», As reported by the Telegram channel «General SVR», which in the last months reports that Putin is suffering from serious health problems, such as Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Reports of his poor health have intensified since the start of the war in Ukraine, with the Greek leader often seen as not having full control of his legs.

Η κThe health condition of the 69-year-old President Russian and international media are busy.

The last incident comes after the information that Ορώσος had as president «παραπονεθεί στος γιατρούς για κόπωση και δύσπνοια» During his journey, as written by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

In addition to Putin at the meeting of the State Council, it seems that Putin’s dignitaries are apparently trying to keep their eyes open.

«Πλάνα από τη της του στατικό συμπαλές also shows that Putin’s extroverted dignitaries are trying to keep their eyes open. However, he closes his eyes even for a few minutes…»commenting on the post.

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