Papandreou in Ankara today presented the Kankaya International Peace Prize

The former prime minister is in Turkey. George Papandreou. Today in Ankara, he will be presented with the award by Mayor Çankaya, along with composer and writer Zulfu Livanelli. (Kankaya, Ankara Municipality), Albert Dostelon, Kankaya with the International Peace Prize. During his contacts in the Turkish capital, Mr. Papandreou and his entourage were welcomed by the leader of the People’s Democratic Party (CHP) yesterday. Kemal glyctoroglu At CHP headquarters. At the meeting, the party’s general secretary Mr. Celine Choek Vogue And the party’s vice president and ambassador in charge of foreign policy Unal Jevikos.

News Today:

A 24-year-old businessman has been arrested in Thessaloniki for allegedly raping himself in a hotel complex.

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Staikouras: Income tax in eight installments, first installment from July

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