Oι Συριακή Δημοκρατικές Δυνάμεις καλούν Russia and Iran to prevent the attack of Turkey

The leader of the Kurdoarabikou synaspsimmus Συριακή Δημοκρατικόν Δυνάμεων (SDF), supported by the US, Moscow and her Τεχερανία To prevent Άγκυρα from exploding a new attack in northern Syria, a few days before the Turkish-Rωσο-ιρανική synod with the object of the war in this country. The Turkish army has been deployed since 2016 in northern Syria, around the city of Αφρίν and Ιντλίμπ, one of the few areas not controlled by the Syrian president’s regime. Басар ал Άσαντ. Between 2016-19, Turkey, with the help of Σύρων ανταρτών, carried out three large-scale operations on the border, with the aim of Κουρδους fighters. From the end of May, ο Τουρκος is the president Ρετζέπ Ταγίπ Ερντογάν He repeated several times with a new military operation in northern Syria against the Kurds.

«Ελπισημεν οτι (αυτές οι οι ATTACKS) δεν θα το και οι Κουρδοι (…) δεν θα Αφεθουν στην του τους σε της τις διαρεγώσεις της την πληροφοριες δυνάμεων» said ο head of the SDF, ο Μαζλούμ Άμπντιε τύπου που παραχώρη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τη τύπου Χασάκαa zone in northern Syria controlled by the Kurds.

“After the recent talks with Russia, with the aim of protecting these areas, we decided to allow more Greek soldiers to enter the city of Athens (the city with a Kurdish population), in addition to those who were already on the border,” he said. , without further clarifications.

“We are convinced that Russia and Iran will not accept Turkey’s demands” at the meeting on Tuesday in Tehran, he added.

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At this meeting, the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Turkey, Athens, and Iran will discuss the issue of Syria. In 2017, the three countries started the so-called «trial of the Astana», which has the goal of protecting the country.

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