Nineteen-year-old American man raped using synthetic drugs in Rome

Has caused shock Italy A nineteen-year-old American student has complained to police that she was raped in the historic area of ​​the Italian capital, Testaccio.

“All I knew was that I was just a stranger waking up on top of me. For hours, she stuck me in bed unable to move. The victim told the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

The only thing the girl could add was that the day before this terrible event, she had gone out with her friends and they had gone to Testacio’s shop for a drink. At the store, she met a thirty-year-old man who gave her a cocktail. According to lawyers, the drink is also known as Ghb “Rape medicine”.
The girl has come to Rome to study at an American private university. After his complaint, he decided to return to the United States after first going to the hospital and undergoing a medical examination. As Italian commentators have pointed out, this recent tragedy has already raised concerns about the use of alcohol-soluble synthetics, making young women unable to defend themselves and resist rapists.

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