New York: Άγρια συμπανία για ενα… «ευχαριστώ»

A 37-year-old man was stabbed Until death, after he offended a customer in a store because he didn’t say “euphoria”, when he held the door open to a tobacconist in Brooklyn, New York.

According to the incident Daily Mailhappened around 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday, after the suspect, who has not been identified, held the door open for another customer who entered the 4th Ave Tobacco Road Corp, a coffee shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

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Το θύμα ρώτησε τον ύποπτο παι δεν έσει «ευχαριστώ» και Ανεδος θύμωσε.

After leaving the shop, the dog grabbed the suspect who was trying to leave and then stabbed him in the neck and stomach.

«Μαχαίρωσέ με αν και και»

Οι citations assert that το το θύμα χλεύασε τον ύποπτο και είσει «Μαχαίρωσέ με, αν το τύμα να το κανές».

Έπεσε back to the entrance of the store he was bleeding and, according to the employee of the store Kharef Alsaidi, he said: «Με μαχαίρωσε, με μαχαίρωσε».

Το θύμα was transferred to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, where unfortunately διαπιστόσης ο θάνατός του.

Speaking on ABC7, Alsaidi explained how the events unfolded: «It was just a matter of time before the door was opened».

Το θύμα ρώτησε: «Γιατί δεν λες, Ερχικό που άνοιξα την την προτα;».

Then ο ύποπτος answered that he did not ask the woman to open the door.

The official tried to persuade the suspect to put the knife aside, but he didn’t succeed.

The police have not yet arrested the perpetrator, who fled the scene of the crime on his electronic bike.

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This is the latest crime that causes shock on the streets of New York and comes after the attack of a man with an ax on a McDonald’s last Friday, when three men simply… ενόχλησαν.

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