National Interest: Without Αlexandrópolis, η υπαρατλαντική σηκετή είναι νεκρή στις θάλασσες

Σε την την την Χωρίς την Alexandroupoliη уператлантики искуется эри некрі стім θάλασσες», another publication – this time of the National Interest – highlights the geostrategic importance of Greece and more specifically the value of Alexandroupoli for the global transatlantic security.

According to the publication – which is written by Jonathan Ruhe and Ari Cicurel (Director of external policy and political analysis of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America-JINSA), Alexandria is in an ideal place to help the US and its allies. на другиетьетющие дорогассиеся в страница в проереченное проерхемене опо тене центр Европе.


The National Interest notes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is rapidly raising the strategic profile and potential of Alexandria, a once-neglected Greek city in the Northern Aegean, next to Turkey and Bulgaria.

Συνάντηση Μητσοτάκη-Μενέντεζ: «Σταθερή δεκροματική η Ελλάδα, Σταθερή δεκροματική η Ελλάδα, συμμαχος συμμαχος και πυλώνας σταστήσεις»

Βραβείο για τον σταντος LNG στην Αλέσανδρουπολι

Η emblematic of the development of Greece as an energy hub

Through Greece’s iconic development as an energy hub and US security partner, Alexandroupoli offers unique opportunities to achieve the common transatlantic goals of reducing European dependence on Russian natural gas, strengthening NATO’s eastern flank, and ensuring that Ukraine’s factories will be able to continue to supply the world.

But the United States must act, in coordination with its allies, in order to secure these goals in the short and long term, as Europe cannot immediately depend on Russian gas without importing LNG from the fields of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Το ΝΑΤΟ needs new routes from Το Νοτο

In fact, the publication also refers to the role of Turkey, which is now changing. The publication emphasizes “Given the serious traffic problems in the movement of products to the east, from the center of the island, combined with the abandonment of Turkey’s historic role as the alliance’s southeastern reference point, NATO needs new routes from the north to to demonstrate its strength against Russia and China, as both have expanded into the Eastern Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Sea. Africa and Asia”.

Energy independence of Southeastern Europe from Russia,

In regard to the role of the United States, the publication notes that “Since American support has been vital to the development of Alexandroupoli until today, more must be done to harness its significant potential.” To accelerate Southeast Europe’s energy independence from Russia, the US should promote the expansion of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB), as well as explore the economic viability of reversing the massive διαβαλκανικού αγωγού στο να της της της έλλαδα προς Βρρά, through Bulgaria, Romania and possibly Ukraine and Μoldavia. At the same time, Washington should make it clear that it supports the development of additional Greek capacity to feed these pipelines with imported LNG, beyond the floating storage and reprocessing unit (FSRU) currently under construction in Alexandria.

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