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Conversion rate of confirmed cases Govit-19 In Europe it is constantly declining, which means that the tide will soon reach its peak. This was revealed in a new post on Facebook by a professor of health policy at Imperial College and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Elias Mosialos.

It shows a graph showing the weekly conversion rate of the confirmed ones Cases Any given date reflects a percentage change in the number of confirmed cases in Europe over the past seven days compared to the previous seven days. According to the chart, the weekly change is now 17%, Mr. According to Mocialos, this should drop to 0%.

See post and map

“Then,” he points out, “we will see how the number of confirmed cases begins to decline when this ratio drops below 0% and has a negative sign.”

But do not forget that the impact of those admitted to the hospital is delayed by 2-3 weeks (compared to when one gets the virus). “The data for confirmed cases are representative, we are careful, we vaccinate if not vaccinated, and we are confident”.

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