Monetizing These Stocks Might Help U Boost Your Portfolio ::Peer To Peer Network, (OTC US:PTOP)

Trading tendency (“Loss ) on Thursday, November 07, 2019, of the Peer To Peer Network, PTOP of exchange OTC US.

Review Of The Peer To Peer Network In Stock Exchange Of OTC US:

The Peer To Peer Network (OTC US : PTOP) started the business at $0.001 and closed at $0.0009 with the change of $-0.0001 with -10% with the previoues price $0.001 during the episode of previous exchanging session.

Volume Indicator:

The Company’s current volume remained at 21245301 with the percent of 164.45 percent. It will also better to share yesterday’s volume of the company i.e.; 37955699. Trading volume facilitate the investor to identify the momentum in a stock and confirm a trend. If trading volume enhance, prices generally moves in the same trend. That is, if a security is continuing higher in an uptrend, the volume of the security should also be increased and vice versa.

High & Low Prices with Gap-Up & Gap-Down:

The Gap-Up $0 is the difference between the current session’s open and the previous session’s High and Gap-up percentage became 0%.

The Gap-Down $0.0001 is the difference between the current session’s open and the previous session’s Low and Gap-down percentage became 11.11%. Trading comparison of current & last day sessions has value for investors. The current high trading price remained at $0.0011 while previous high price was recorded at $0 and current low trading price remained $0.0008.

Weighted Alpha PTOP:

The Company’s Peer To Peer Network, has the value of Weighted Aplha -70.25. Weighted Alpha alert that stock has increased or decreased over one-year period with a higher weighting for recent price activity. A Positive sign of weighted alpha shows that the stock has increased while a sign of Negative weighted alpha shows that the stock has decreased.

Moving Average (MA) Signals / Strength / Direction Peer To Peer Network:OTC US:

20Days Moving Average (MA), a short term indicator used to observe price changes. 50Days Moving Average (MA), a medium term indicator used to observe price changes. Moving Strength: is the Strength of the signal compared to its historical performance where maximum is the strongest this signal has been and minimum is the weakest. Moving Direction: Indicates whether the Buy or Sell signal is strenthening or weakening or whether a Hold signal is heading toward a buy or sell signal.

  • 20 Days Moving Average (MA): Percentage : 0014%, Signals Sell having the strength of Maximum with the direction of Strongest
  • 50 Days Moving Average (MA): Percentage : 0013%, Signals Sell having the strength of Average with the direction of  Strongest

09-Days Stochastic %(K) & Historical Volatility:

The percentage value of 09-Days Stochastic (K) of the Company Peer To Peer Network recorded at 12.63%. This sign shows (on a range of 0.00% – 100.00%) where the price closed in-relation-to its price range over the last 09-Days with a 02-periods exponential moving average applied. The average deviation from the average price over the last 09 Days.09-Day Historical Volatility recorded at 121.8%.

Current & Last Prices (Buy / Sell / Hold):

The Current Price Signals & Last Month Prices Signals of PTOP: Peer To Peer Network:

  • Current Price Signals “Sell”
  • Last Month Price Signals “Sell”

One Year Return & Five Years Revenue:

The percentage of 01-Year Return of PTOP recorded at -10%, while the revenue growth percentage over 05-years recorded at -91.74%.

Shares-Out-K / Float K and Beta Peer To Peer Network:

The indicator Shares-Out-k indicates the common shares that have been autorized, issued and purchased by inverstors. The Shares-Out-K recorded at 0. The regular shares, a company has issued that are available to trade (shares outstanding – restricted stock) denoted as Float-K i.e; (0). The Beta 0 value that measure the volatility of a stock’s returns relative to the market.

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