Massive protests in Africa for African Americans killed by dozens of police fire

Οργισμένος Demonstrators took to the streets of Άκρονclose to Κλίβελαντ του Οχάιο, διαμαρτυρόμενοι για τον τῆς είναι γιανού Αφροαμερικανού He was shot dozens of times by the police during the course of his death. Ο 25χρονος Tέέιλαντ Βόκερ σκοτοίηση είναι Tried to be a pedestrian. His car had been impounded when the police tried to arrest him for violating the traffic code. Στην Ανακοίνοσία της η πολάσια στο τοι The driver fired at the police During the course of “The actions of the suspect led the police to consider him a threat” and “fired with their weapons, killing the suspect” who ran away.

According to the police, a gun was found inside the abandoned car of the 25-year-old.

The police involved in the case Σετέρων σε διόμενητική Αργία until the judicial investigation is completed. An internal investigation has also begun and the police intend to release to the public, in the next few days, the plans brought forward by the police.

More than 90 spheres

Police did not provide further details on the exchange of fire, but local media reported that eight police officers shot more than 90 σφαίρες against του Tέέιλαντ Βόκερ. «Τον χτύπησαν 60 times», wrote στο Twitter η organization Black Lives Matter.

The family of Tzejlant Gouwker asked for an explanation from the authorities and called for the protests to remain private outside the city hall and the police headquarters. Η πόλη ένα became known mainly because it is η γενέτειρα του σταρ του NBA Λεμπρόν Tζέιμς.

«It wasn’t someone who committed a crime» said ο δικηγόρος της familia, Μποβι Ντιτσέλο η η θεία του, η Λατζουάνα Βόκερ-Ντόκινς, said ο τζέιλαντ ελληνική “ένας ναλλάκός νέος” που “ποτέ δεν δεν πρόμενος”.

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Ο δήμος has decided to host a festival that will be held on the 4th of July, with the idea that “it’s not time to celebrate”.

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