Life sentence for cannibal teacher who killed and ate 43-year-old man

Former teacher sentenced to life today Killed, shredded And I ate Members of the 43-year-old man she met online. Stephen R., 42, was convicted of murder and contempt of death. Due to the gravity of the crime, the Berlin court decision is almost a recommendation His conditional release is impossible. Court President Matthias Certz said Stephen R.. He committed the crime “in order to realize his cannibalistic fantasy” and described him as “inhuman”. The judge said this in his thirty years of life “Never seen anything like this”. The accused was silent and expressive as he read the verdict. On September 6, 2020, the victim agreed to meet the accused through an erotic dating site. He caught a taxi to get to his apartment Berlin-Bangov, In the northern suburbs of the German capital. There the offender gave him drugs and strangled him and ate some of his organs.

The investigation into the victim’s disappearance was halted, and in November of the same year human remains were found in a park and found to belong to the missing person. Police examined his mobile phone and found the taxi driver who had picked him up that night.

In the apartment Traces of blood, other parts of the victim’s body and several tools were found, Like a tree.

The case is reminiscent of the case of former police chief Deadleaf Ginsell, who was convicted of murdering and mutilating a person he met online at the victim’s request. Another case that shocked Germany in the early 2000s was that of Armin Maves. “Rothenburg Cannibal”Sentenced to life imprisonment in 2006 for murder and cannibalism.

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