Italy: Doom at Senate meeting in Zoom

Various things have happened in the two years since the corona virus epidemic, during which companies’ meetings were “changed” to zoom, the latest “disease” Italian Senate to occupy an important place in the relevant list. The worst thing that happened to the crowd last Monday was that the porn video with the characters of the popular Final Fantasy video game suddenly appeared on the screen and was interrupted for a few minutes.

At an online meeting attended by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Paris, an unidentified person was able to attach a video involving him. After a few minutes the problem was fixed, however everyone was speechless.

“There is a person who came in secretly – I apologize. If the other manager helps me dismiss this person,” one of the organizers said, according to the local news website. . “If the manager wants to help me get rid of these,” he said, “I’ll get them all back, but I do not know who will accept these people again.”

After the meeting, Maria Laura Mandovani, Senator of the Five Star Movement, who was the host of the meeting, mentioned the incident.

“With the increase in epidemics, we decided that this should only be done online. I’m definitely at Senate headquarters, and all the other speakers were connected by zoom in. About half an hour after the start, at about 15:30, some people came in. The meeting was probably with fake names,” he said. He said.

“And within a minute they saw sex scenes between a man and a woman, probably a manga or cartoon. Those strangers were immediately expelled from the crowd, I informed the Senate Police and Technicians.”

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