Israel: 64,940 new cases and 19 deaths in 24 hours

His Ministry of Health Israel Today, Thursday 20.01.2022, 64,940 new cases were announced Corona virus, Raising the overall epidemic report in the country to 2,101,265.

At the same time, the number of victims of the epidemic was 8,369. The 19 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours are the highest number of deaths recorded in a single day since the beginning of last October.

The number of active cases rose to 409,817, while the positive index of trials conducted in Israel reached a new high of 18.38%.

However, the government announced today that Israel will repeal compulsory isolation of children in contact with corona virus carriers, citing the need to alleviate the plight of parents and schools, and that cases are rapidly increasing due to the Omicron variant.

Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett has said that from January 27, children will be required to take antigen tests at home only twice a week, and if the test is positive or if they are unwell, they will leave the school until they recover. He clarified that self-examinations for children are available free of charge.

At the same time, the Israeli government approved a vaccine called booster dose for children aged 5-11.

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