International media talk about assassination

Επιθέσα φέρεται να δέχητα το άρτηση του Ρώσου πρώσεις Vladimir Putin, με τις first information από International media to speak about a possible assassination attempt, without giving the date of the event and the exact location of the rumored attack.

It was printed by a loud bang

Ο Ρώσος is the president It is reported that he is σώος, while at the same time the security service made arrests and the car was taken to a safe place.

Η λιμουζίνα του was hit by a «δυνατό κροτο» στον «αριστερό προμπό τροχό followed by intense smoke», according to the Telegram channel of General SVR.

According to the Daily Mail, «General SVR is a Russian channel on Telegram that regularly publishes supposedly confidential information about Putin and Rome. While some are wary of General SVR, others say it’s one of the few channels against Putin in Russia that provides an image of what actually works in Greece.

»The same source claims in a separate post that ο Τουτιν διεταξε την ερωμένη του Alina Kabaeva, 39 years old, former ολυμπιονίκη της γυμναστικής, να φεα εκτροση, επιδείνος σε «επιδείνοση» των σχέσεών τους. It is not immediately possible to verify any of the two exploratory claims».

Πέντε θωρακισμένα cars

According to the Daily Mail, the «Антикремлиныко канал», ο Poutín was directed to his official residence σε απροσδιόριστη δατασία σε μια αυτοκιντιοπομή-δόλωμα, εν έντονων φόβων για την ασφάλειά του.

Στην αυτοκινοπομπή πεντε θωρακισμένα cars participated, with τον Τοτιν στο τριτο, according to τον δωμάτισμό.

«On the way to his residence, just a few kilometers away, the first car of the convoy was blocked by an ambulance, and the second car made a small stop without stopping because of the obstacle. In Putin’s car, a loud bang was heard from the left front wheel and followed by thick smoke», reports the Telegram channel.

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Έφτασε με σηκετεία στην προεδρικές διέσημα

Putin’s car “despite the problems created in his control” left the scene of the attack and arrived safely at the president’s residence.

«After that, the body of a man was found, who was supposed to be driving the ambulance that blocked the first car of the ambulance», adds the SVR General.

The channel -which can boast of a lot of insider information from the Kingdom, but without providing solid evidence for its claims- said that the details of the alleged attack are “absurd”.

«The head of the president’s bodyguard and many other people have been made available and are in custody», the channel claimed, without accusing anyone.

«Ένας στενός κύκλος προτείνος και για της περιστής σε έχει πομάή, και ελληνικά ελληνικά της περεδρικά σεριστής. After the incident, three of them disappeared. They were the people who were in the first car of the car. Η μοιρα τους προς το το προστών είναι άγνωστη. The car they were in was found a few kilometers away from the event.

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