“I had tachycardia and shortness of breath, I thought I was dead.”

The Antonis Lauderos In an interview, he talked about the psychological stress he received during isolation due to an infection, but how he coped with it.

Two years of epidemic and we are continuing Are you tired of all this?
In this thriller we all live together and look forward to new activities from time to time. We can not plan anything. All this they will tell us, we know, and I hope there are no secrets or documents behind it. I do not want it to come out later that it is a big scam or conspiracy. We have to be very careful. The losses caused by this epidemic are coming.

Attacks of anxiety and panic are on the rise. How did you manage them?
When the epidemic started, when we were told of the symptoms and everything, I began to feel in fear that I had everything. Shortness of breath, I had a fever, tachycardia and I thought I was dead. I talked to a doctor and he told me to rest, to take half anesthesia, and I did just that. “It really helped me a lot to sleep, I took it the next night, I told Antonis to manage it because I realized it was all purely psychological stress. Realizing I was not dead, all of this determined my mind and passed me by. I started to see its beauty that I had never noticed before. It should not be forgotten “, The actor said in the press “OK”.

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