How did the attack of the car… save the life: «If I could find him, I would have saved him»

Η φράση «εχει τύχει mountain» is perfectly suited to the case of a man from California, because δέχετα attack from карчария. Cancer.

According to her nypost.comο 39 χρονος Eugene Finney He had visited with his family Huntington Beach And he swam in the open sea. Ξαφνικά, however, ένιωσε εννα sharp pain in the backas if someone να την έσπαγε.

So he swam to the shore and when he got out, his daughter found him bleeding profusely from his back and he explained how Had a vertical cut of about 30 εκτοστά.

«Θα έλεγα τοι είναι σαν να σε κλάάει a toneς τούβλων Or if you hit a car, but it’s not the same», he said characteristically and added that «I’ve never been hit like that again».

Then he tried to realize what had happened, but as time passed, he found it difficult to breathe, as the bleeding had begun to stop.

So, he went to the επείγοντα, where he learned the truth about the state of his health.

«If I could, I would hug you»

Eugene Finney went to the hospital and underwent a CT scan, and the results were good and bad news. The good news is how δεν κινδύνευε από το κόρειμο που στην στην στης. The bad news, however, was that A small cancerous tumor was detected in the right kidney and had to be removed, otherwise it would cause metastases..

Ο 39chronos therefore, He underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, along with 20% of his kidney.. In fact, after a few days, the man with his girlfriend who was on the beach and in front of the attack, told him that he had seen a cancer emerge from the water and that it had happened a short time ago. Still an attack on a surfer.

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Then, ο Eugene Finney θεώρησε οτι ελληνικά «ένα χιλικό από τη Μητέρα Φύσι» και πως Απέτησε μια second chance στιν ζοι, because of του του καρχαρία, ο το τον πελάτε στο «στόχαστρο».

«It was a sign from τη Μητέρα Φύσιotherwise I would never have gone. The only true way I learned I had cancer was that the tumor would grow so large that it would metastasize and spread.», he said characteristically.

«I had started to lose weight and I was sick and it was too late. If I could find that cancer and embrace it, I would», he added.

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