“Havana Syndrome”: The CIA’s first findings on the mysterious disease of diplomats

The answer to what causes a mysterious mystery “Havana Syndrome, Which affects US ambassadors around the world CIA.

The first decision they came up with This is not to say that it preceded an attack by a foreign power.

Syndrome is described as a manifestation “Sound attacks2, some say the reason for this Actions Of Russia.

The New York Times and NBC cite CIA preliminary findings on first-time incidents Diplomats The 2016 Inside The capital of Cuba, U.S. and Canadian ambassadors have reported severe headaches and nausea.

Sources quoted by NBC said, “After examining hundreds of cases, the US company came up with possible and alternative explanations.” However, the CIA continues to investigate twenty cases that have not been described.

“There is no preliminary report The final decision of the government “Biden or overall intelligence services,” NBC quoted U.S. officials as saying.

The group of victims of the syndrome, cited by the New York Times, said the CIA results were “impossible and Should not be the last word of the lesson.

“Although we have achieved significant interim results, we are not finished,” said CIA Director William D. Burns told the New York Times. We are continuing to investigate these incidents.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen In November 2021 “Havana Syndrome” was fully clarified and two were named High ambassadors Where is Responsibility By Folder.

“Havana Syndrome” is severely expressed Migraine, dizziness and nausea. They have also been reported Brain damage.

Since their appearance in Havana, cases of the syndrome have occurred in China, Germany, Australia, Russia, Austria and Washington.

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The State Department refuses to give up a number of cases, estimated at 200.

From the outset, US officials were skeptical. Some officials downplayed the symptoms, blaming some of them for the stress, while others cited possible attacks by radio waves, raising suspicions in Russia.

But this position Is set Inside The challenge By some scientists, that is unlikely Is there Common cause For all incidents.

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