H Λετονία γρέμισε πανύψηλο σοβιετικό monument

An οβελίσκος from σκυρόδεμα, decorated with σοβιετικά στεράς, ο χομένο το το το είναι εἰμενονυ για τη της του Κοκκινου Στρατου επί της ναζιστικής Γερμανίας, «κατεδαφιστές» εχθές, Thursday, στην της capital Latvia.

This is the latest in a long series of demolitions of Soviet monuments that have taken place since the beginning of the Russian Revolution. invasion of Ukraine.

According to her Guardian, heavy machinery εθεάθησαν εχθές behind a green φράχτη which had been στηθεί around the base of του οβελίσκου, ο who was almost 80 meters high. Λίγο later, το monument που ορθωνοταν επιβλάτικο στο κέντρο της Σιγας had been destroyed, πέφτοντας με παφλασμον σε μια παρακείμενη λίμνη στο Πάρκο της Νίκης.

Η κατεδάφιση was transmitted live by the local media, and it took place under the applause and the cheers of the citizens who had rushed to the spot, some with the flags of the country draped over their shoulders, to «celebrate».

As the publication of the British website points out, οβελίσκος στεκόνταν among the αγάλματα στρατιοτες του Κόκκινου Στρατου και είνας γυναικείας φιγορας with raised hands, which symbolizes the «πατρίδα». The monument was erected in 1985, when Latvia was still part of it The Union of And it was the subject of conflicts since 1991, the year the country regained its independence to finally become a member of NATO and the EU.

In a Twitter post, the country’s foreign minister said that, with the demolition of the monument, Latvia has closed yet another powerful page in history and is looking towards a better future.

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