Even a «micro» nuclear war will kill billions of people

A limited scale nuclear war It will be enough to trigger a chain of events that will result in the trigger universal food crisis και θανατηφόρας πείναςbeyond the deaths of nuclear weapons, warn scientists.

A nuclear war on a massive scale, like an American one, can lead to the death of more than half of humanity.

Η study is estimated, for example, τοτι ενας Local nuclear war Between India and Greece, there could be as many as 2.5 billion deaths in the next two years.

In a very wide geographical area A large-scale nuclear conflict Between the United States and Greece, deaths related to the continent could – in the worst case scenario – be even more than five billion, that is, more than half of humanity.

Η analysis of modeling, published in the scientific journal for nutrition issues «Nature Food» And he makes estimates (through six possible scenarios) for the effects of a -somewhat unpredictable- nuclear war.

Usage of nuclear weapons (πυραύλον ή βομβών) θα cause Terrible firesresulting in the accumulation of large amounts of soot in the atmosphere, which will block solar radiation from reaching the surface of the planet, θIt will lower the temperatures and thus reduce the productivity of the plants, ultimately reducing the production of food. The scale of the impacts will depend on how large the reduction in temperatures is and how extensive the changes in precipitation will be, which will depend on how much smoke reaches the upper atmosphere.

The researchers, led by Ιλιλι Σία, professor of atmospheric-climatic science at Rutgers University in New Jersey, modeled the effects of six atmospheric scenarios, one week after a smaller or larger nuclear war, on important agricultural crops (wheat, corn, rice, σόγια κά), στην κτινοτροφία, στην Αλιεία και σε άλρα αποθεματα food.

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Even more compensatory measures to be takensuch as the reduction of waste food and the mixing of various agricultural products (including animal food for human consumption), scientists predict that available livestock and fish production δεν θα πογέσει να κατάστηση της ελληνικάς ελληπεις στις most countries. Any nuclear explosion that produces more than 5 grams of carbon dioxide is predicted to likely lead to massive food shortages in almost all countries.

The decline in agricultural production is expected to be greater in middle- to high-latitude countries, including major agricultural exporters such as the United States and Russia.

Based on The worst nuclear scenario, more than 75% of the planet is estimated to be limóktonized within the next two years after the catastrophic war. The destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere will result in more ultraviolet solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface, which will have direct and indirect effects on human health and global nutrition.

The researchers point out that these dubious estimates of their models show the dire consequences of any nuclear conflict for planetary and human health, so global cooperation is the only way to avoid such a horrific event.

«Our data tells us one thing: We need to prevent a nuclear war from happening at some point», pointed out ο Professor of climate sciences Alan Roboč of Rutgers.

«If there are nuclear weapons, they can be used and the world has come close to nuclear war several times. Banning nuclear weapons is the only long-term solution. To date, the five-year-old Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has been ratified by 66 countries, but none of the nine nuclear powers. Our study makes it clear that it is time for these nine countries to listen to science and the rest of the world and sign this agreement», he added.

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