Europe, we have a problem

των Kris Peeters, Ροντρίγκο Κόστα (Project Syndicate )

H The potential of the digital revolution to create new opportunities for growth, to transform our economies and to support it πράσινη transition Based to a large extent on technologies that are literally outside of this world. The supply of current automated services and applications artificial intelligence Requires accurate, εγκαιρα data provided by technologies based on space (παγκόσμια navigation, observation της Γης, environmental monitoring και δορυφόροι communication).

This applies to agriculture, transportation, energy, defense, and even finance. Οι αγρότες are based on στος δορυφορους To make decisions about what crops to plant and when, while ships, planes, trains and cars use satellite data for safe and efficient navigation. Power companies need satellites to monitor the performance and maintenance of their networks, and financial services use the unique data they collect to inform investment decisions and for accurate timing.

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The European Union has invested heavily in this field through multi-million euro projects, such as Galileo and EGNOS (Egyptian Satellite Navigation Service), Copernicus, the Earth Observation System, and GOVSATCOM, the Secure Satellite Communications Program. Europe can also be proud of many companies that are at the forefront of global innovation. However, European investment in space-based technologies – particularly fast-growing strategic sectors such as consumer solutions and unmanned aerial vehicles – is being outpaced by others, including United States and Asia.

Europe’s position in the world of tomorrow will be determined to a large extent by its competitiveness, influence and ability to act autonomously. This means that we will need to invest more in space-based technologies, many of which have both defense and non-military applications.

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Τα διακυβεύματα της της διαστημική κουρσας is as high as it was during του Cold Cold. But this time η Europe is διεκδικητής. However, we need to do a lot more to shine our brightest stars. This starts with the channeling of more individualized financing to small and medium enterprises in this critical sector to contribute to the development and commercialization of their new technologies.

As recent global developments have shown, Europe does not have the luxury of delaying efforts to ensure its own competitiveness and autonomy, both on Earth and in space.

*Ο Ροντρίγκο Κοστα is the executive director of the EU Agency for the Space Programme.

* Ο Κρις Πίτερς είναι απόρόεδρος της Επενόδισεων της Επενδύσεων

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