Energy crisis – Bloomberg: The dramatic scenario of «black-out» in Europe

«It’s December. Η temperature is at a low level. Τα νοικοκυριά must be warmed up, cooked, washed, and put on TV. Αλλά ο Επιστήρας του του νητικό της περισσότερα Having problems and finding it difficult to maintain «ανοιχτούς» τους κρότητες. Η επιστέρια κοινής ωφέλειας means «reddish» συναγερμό, το χύμπος το οι ενεργεικής προμήθειες στα όρια τους. It has already cut off the supply to certain industrial users τα νοικοκυριά περισσότερα επείγον request to reduce the use of electricity. Ο περοπος, however, χρειάζεταTake even more drastic measurescutting off electricity in certain areas, in order to avoid a total breakdown of the system».

This is a hypothetical – and at the same time, dramatic – scenario, but one of the governments in Europe is already preparing for the eventual peak of the energy crisis, which could lead the situation to the… extremes. Just on Wednesday, η competent agency of France left open the scenario to «απαιτήσει» τη reduction της consumption several times during the winter, in order to να αποτραπούν οι εκ περιτροπής power outages. Τινλανδία is also considering doing the same.

All of the above comes as a result of Russia’s decision to dramatically cut gas supplies Via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which increases the risk of gas during the following months. Putin, indeedმამები სამალილილი επισημάνει τοι οι μειομένες ροές συνιστόν «απάντηση» στις κύρώσεις για την και στην Украине.

“The reality is that there isn’t enough gas in Europe,” said Ed Birkett, head of energy at the British think tank Onward. «If the demand is not limited, Businesses will be forced to go offline. Και στο Ακραίο σκενιρία το ισμό θα φίση και με τα νοικοκυριά» he added, speaking to Bloomberg.

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Of course, it will depend on the weather of the next months. A small change in temperature can to change the energy needs essentially. In France, for example, a drop in temperature κατά εννα στο Κελσίου κατά να να τη δωμάτη για ενεργια κατά 2.400 μεγαβάτ. As much as they produce Two of the country’s total of 56 nuclear reactors.

«If we have a really difficult winter, then this will have a dramatic impact on the network» Adam Bell, a consultant who until recently worked at the Ministry of Energy and Operations of the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday, the European Commission proposed a total reduction of electricity by 10%, as well as a mandatory reduction of electricity by 5% during peak hours.

«The more reductions we see – especially in the summer- in gas consumption, the less likely it is that Europe will face the risk of black-outs» Goldman Sachs said in its report. «The message of reduction of consumption has not “piased” the place so far. A walk around the cities is enough to see that the supermarkets keep their lights on at nightπαροτι είναι κλειστα» τονίζει ο ο Simone Tagliapietra, αναλυτής του think tank Bruegel.

However, there are other factors that play a role. The wet summer has negatively affected the hydropower plants of Europe, including Norway, which is one of the main energy suppliers of the EU. Κι ευτό «συμπιέζει» έτι τα τα τα τα τα τα τα τα τῆς τῆς «σφιχτά» αποθέματα.

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