Elon Musk – Starling Company is endangered by cats

His satellite internet company is starting to face unexpected problems , Starling. And with that, some of his satellite dishes are starting to attract cats.

To transmit signals from its satellites around the world, Starlink needs to install satellite feeds. These dishes can be placed on the roof or exterior wall of a building, however, many people keep them on the ground level.

As food emits heat, bad weather that is affecting many parts of the United States these days has brought to the surface an unforeseen problem. In particular, Starling satellite foods are beginning to attract cats, who are looking for a warm place to protect themselves from frost and cold.

“The Starling service works well until cats find the dish emits a little heat on cold days,” one Twitter user wrote.

Cats are not the only animals seeking heat in Elon Musk’s satellite diet. Another user had a similar problem with birds.

Although it has not been clarified whether the animals are blocking the signal, damage to the equipment has not been ruled out.

What Starling is doing is advising its customers to keep their food out of the reach of cats!

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