Downing Street beer photo solves the ‘partygate’ puzzle

The search for the popular “Partygate” continues, No. 10 Parties at Downing StreetAmid tight locking in Britain Corona virus.

The latest developments in this case show that the police have a photo of him Boris Johnson He is holding a beer can at his birthday party in June 2020.

This also appears to be one of 300 photos submitted by Sue Gray to the Metropolitan Police for investigation into the “partygate”.

In the photo, according to his post Defender, Cabinet no. At 10 a.m. President Rishi Sunak stands next to British Prime Minister Peer Kane.

The photo appears to have been taken by Johnson’s official photographer who captured all snapshots of the illegal event. It should be noted that this photographer, according to the same information, is funded by British taxpayers.

Labor pressure

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rainer told the newspaper: “The Downing Street photographer is funded by taxpayers, and the public has every right to see the photos he pays for, including any prime minister’s birthday.

“Following the Med police investigation, the Sue Gray report should be released with all supporting information – photos, videos and testimony.”

The “half” assumption

Last month, Downing Street admitted that staff had “gathered for a while” at a surprise birthday party hosted by Gary Johnson, but said the Prime Minister had only 10 minutes left.

The Chancellor is said to have attended the event because he attended the meeting for him GovtBut not invited.

Johnson and Sunak are no. Surrounded by 10 aides, sources told Mirror that there was no birthday cake.

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Gov. legal expert Barrister Adam Wagner said, “It’s a legitimate question whether the prime minister took part in the rally.

Letters of no confidence against Boris Johnson abound

Last Wednesday (02/02) aAnother Conservative MP said he did not support him today Prime Minister Boris Johnson And filed a letter of no confidence against him.

Anthony Mangnol, who has represented Tottenham in the south-west of the UK since 2019, said, “Standards of public life are being calculated. At present I cannot support the Prime Minister.”

Struggles against Boris Johnson