Death dive for “Miss USA 2019” from the skyscraper in Manhattan

The former Miss USA died tragically. Chesley ChristIn Manhattan on Sunday morning, officials believe gave the beautiful lawyer and presenter The same result in her life.

According to Daily MailThe 30-year-old jumped from the 29th floor of a 60-story skyscraper in its center. Manhattan About 7.15 am and lay dead on the snow-covered sidewalk. A few hours ago, Christ posted the news on social media “May this day bring you peace and tranquility.”
The beauty had won the title of beauty Miss USA in 2019 He also used this step to talk about the urgent need to change the legal system of his country. He lived on the 9th floor of a luxury building located at 42nd Street. However, sources say that after he was last seen on the terrace of the 29th floor, he fell into a vacuum from an open space accessible to all tenants of the building.

According to New York Post sources, police found a note in Christ’s apartment where the charming woman wrote that she wanted to leave all her belongings to her mother, and the former crowned beauty. In that note, he did not state the reasons for his actions.

“She was not only beautiful, but also smart.” She was a lawyer, she had a jealous life … It’s very sad, “a local police source told the American newspaper.


Who is Chesley Christ?

The 30-year-old handsome American also worked as a lawyer and host on an entertainment show Extra.

Reflects North Carolina, Christ won the tiara of the beauty pageant “Miss USA” in 2019, impressing everyone with her local attire in the competition category. The glittering set with wings she wore on the big night refers to her autobiography Maya Angelo Titled “I know why the bird cries in the cage”, she best expressed her stunning beauty.


During the competition, she talked about how she was growing up to be a “weird kid” and how she grew up to be an energetic woman. When asked what word characterized her generation in the final round of the beauty pageant, she replied “pioneer”.


Christ was born in Jackson, Michigan. Her father was a white man of Polish descent and her mother was an African-American winner of a 2002 local beauty pageant in North Carolina. Chesley grew up. City of Charlotte And graduated from the University of North Carolina. He studied law at Wake Forest University and after graduation worked at law firm Poyner-Spruill LLP. Pro legal representation For prisoners to reduce the sentence.

In a statement issued after his death, Christ’s family described him as a person who inspired those around him with his beauty and strength. Revealing their accident, her relatives write about their beloved Chesley: “She cared, she loved, she smiled, she shone. Chesley simulated love through her work as a lawyer fighting for social justice or as a Miss USA or presenter at Extra. But most importantly a daughter, sister, girlfriend, mentor and colleague. Its impact on our lives. We know that will continue. “

Christ often shared his thoughts and feelings with his followers Instagram, However, social media often presents an imaginary picture of one’s life, highlighting only its bright and positive aspects.

In October 2019, Christ spoke on Facebook World Mental Health DayShe explains how she copes with stress, including the various techniques her psychiatrist taught her, exercising and “closing” her cell phone.


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