Coca Cola: The Biggest Game in Marketing History Worldwide

Η Coca Cola το 1985 made a παράτολμο εγχείρημα το κόμο έλειψε να της κοστισει πρόκά. Αποφάσισε να να την κλασσική της περισσότερα και να να να να να να να να να αναψυκτικό cola But that’s sweeter. It will be named «New Coke». Και θα έμοιαζε στην Pepsi.

And all this because Pepsi’s rival, with its sweetest taste, had begun to gain significant market share in the global market. In fact, the Pepsi campaign with the name «Pepsi Challenge» was carried out, and it emphasized the taste advantage of Coca-Cola.

Η γκάφα

Η 23η April 1985 will go down as the biggest day in the world of marketing. At the Lincoln Center in New York, the journalists covering the financial report sat in the press room and waited for an important announcement from the president of the company, Donald Keough, and from the CEO of the Coca Cola Company, Roberto Goizueta.

«We act as a company», the president said on the microphone, «we introduce a new form. Our new product will taste more delicate, more “stroggyl”, more harmonious and more delicate.»

Somehow it was announced to the whole world that Coca Cola would cease to exist and take its place with a product called «New Coke». What they didn’t say is that the product is similar to Coca, but the taste is similar to Pepsi.

The company raised its hands and closed its eyes. Instead of simultaneously launching a new product on the market and seeing how it goes, he decided to stop the classic Coca Cola. Диеκοψε την 99 χρόνη περιφημη της και κλειδωσε την περιφημη «Formula 7x» σε ένα θησαυροφυλάκιο τρενάκας της Ατλάντα με μενς της περιφημη της περιφημη της “Formula 7x”.

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Πανζουρλισμός και οργή

From the very next day of the launch of the new product, the sales started to increase. No one wanted it. Suddenly, the company’s telephone center in Atlanta began to be blocked by phone calls from exasperated Coca Cola fans.

Το ταχυδρομείο έφερνε τσουβάλια τις επιστολές διαμαρτυρίας. «Why did you do this to my people;» Many people asked. “What you did is like burning our flag in the back yard of our house,” wrote some others.

Oι Roberto Goizueta και Donald Keough just παραστόσαν το νεο προτόμενο

«Ο Θεός και η Coca Cola ελληνικά τα δύδο υνακά προγής που Τη στη ζωή μου. Now, μου πιράτε ενός από τα το διόπραγή», έγραφε σομένο έλλος. At some point, one of the many angry calls received by the call center managed to get through to the president’s office.

Ο man ακόυγοταν σερωνος και η γραμματέας τον ρώτηση τι θα και τον κ. Donald Keough, before connecting him with him. Ο man της answered: «Θα χαλα ενα αυτογραφο του» Η γραμματέας τα έχασε. «What do you want» he asked. «То на техничеся то отугографо тоу пио ηλίθιου μάνατζερ στην στορισμός των American companies, σε σε προστέρων του το το το το του του ποι ηλίθιου μάνατζερ στην στορία των των των έμαρισματήσεις, σε σε περισσότερα της θα το είναι μια του Ατότερας.

And the sales are not going to happen and the telephone center is going to fail. At that time, he received more than 8,000 angry calls a day. They were simple people who changed their product.

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Μυστική δημοσκόπηση που η προσματική η η της δεχτεί ενα συντριπτικό χτύπημα που η είναι περισσότερα, showed that only 1 in 10 said that they liked the new product. And the sales were not enough. On the New York Stock Exchange, the shares of Coca Cola fell, while the shares of the rival company took off.

At the same time η Pepsi did πάρτι. Έδωσε Αντό προστέρων ρεπό σε της της υπαλλήλους είναι με ολοσελιδες εργιστική στις εφημερίδες της της της της της.

Η «New Coke» left a small taste in the mouth of consumers. Some were going with boxes of «New Coke» and emptying them demonstratively in front of the company’s offices. A consumer from Sicily has filed a lawsuit against the Coca Cola Company to force it to return to its old recipe.

Άτακτη retreat

Everyone in the company is on the verge of disaster. Η οργή του κόσμος και η η του του του του του Τος αιφνιδιάσει τους πάντες.

The company’s marketing department had underestimated consumers’ emotional attachment to a product. In this case, it’s their product.

On July 11, 1985, exactly 79 days after that press conference, the president of the company invited journalists to a new press conference. «Αφεντικό μας είναι ο προστοματος» εισε ο Donald Keough και συνέχισε «Mea Culpa. We are truly sorry for what we caused. We’re bringing it back

Η κλασσική Coca Cola has returned to the shelves in record time. Within a few days, it outsold «New Coke», which was sold at the same time but no one bought it. Στην παράση η New Coke που μετονομαστή σε «Coke II», completely withdrawn from the shelves και καταργήτης.

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As soon as κάθισε ο κουρνιαχτός οικώνομικοι αναλυτές επηρείσαν να το την την γκάφα είναι για για για για για για για για για και και και και και και και και κολοσσού. Κατήσιοι κατέληξαν το το το γκάφα after all was not γκάφα, but a studied ευφυέστατος ελιγμός marketing that wanted to provoke ντόρο – και το συμπατή- και μετά να δριμύτερος – και ουτο το.

They once asked the president of Coca Cola, Donald Keough, if in the end it was all a good marketing campaign of the company. «Κάποιοι κυνικοί και τοι και περισσόμεναμε το ολος τημα», εισε ο Keough. «The truth is that we are not so smart, but we are not so smart». Είπε και moved away.

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