Britannia: Immigrants in key ministries of the government

The choice of the new prime minister of Britain was sensational Λιζ Τρας για τα καὶμανισμονη της κυβέρνησής της, since ο Πεν Ολας He is the only one.

Ο Οάλας remains the minister Αμυνας, as he was considered successful in his handling of the war crisis in Ukraine.

Ο Quasi Quartet – His parents immigrated from Greece in the 1960s – he is the first black minister of the economy of Britain.

Ο ΘέΜέιμς Κλέβερλι – η mother του και ο του και ο του Βτρατικός– is also ο the first black head of της πριτικής διπλοματίας. The new Foreign Minister has revealed that he was a victim of bullying in his childhood and has repeatedly stressed that the Conservative Party needs to do more to attract black voters.

Η Suella Bráverman –οι της της καις μετανάστευσαν από την Κένυα και τον Μαυρίκιο six decades ago– διαδέχετα την Priti Patel στο περισσότερα Εσότερικών, where among other things θα τα την το μεταναστευτικό.

Until a few decades ago, the British government consisted mainly of white men. Ο Риси Σουνακ –whose parents are from India– was the protege of Quartet in the Ministry of Finance and the opponent of Λιζ Τρας in the final round of voting for the visit of Πόρις Οξόνσον.

It should be noted, however, that only 1/4 of the conservative members of the British Parliament are Women and that 6% απο μειονοτικά υποβαθρα.

Οι Συντηρητικοι εκέλεσαν και τις της της πριστέριος της Britannia: τη Μάργαρετ Θάτσερ, την Τερέζα Μέι και της Λιζ Τρας. Ο πρώτηση Βρετανός πολευτής με ασιατική καταγωγή, ο Μάντσερτζι Μπούναγρι It also came from the Conservative Party.

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