Britannia: «If Brexit is gone, Brexit will be gone»

Тон пепоиθηση τοι του του εἰμενος της του Boris Johnson from her Prime Minister of Britain The former Deputy Prime Minister Máikl Χέζελταϊν expressed in his speech on Wednesday morning that it would mean the beginning of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Ο known as υπαρχηγός της Μαργαρετ Θάτσερ, but also σφοδρός πολέμιος του Brexithe said in a televised interview with the Talk TV station ο κ. John can’t do anything anymore για να απότρεπει το τολος της πρισμέρισμαίας του, και του θα σμανει the beginning of a new European path.

«If Πόρις leaves, φεγει και το Brexit», declared ο πολύπειρος politico, repeating the assessment he had made και πέρυσι.

Καταρρέει η οκονομία

At the time when η στερλίνα is close to σε low διετίας vs. του δολαρίου due to της κινερητικής κρισης στο λονδον, ο κ. Χέζελταϊν highlights that the polls show how big a mistake Brexit was, with repeat elections and surveys showing a clear shift away from the world.

Assuming that he would have preferred a much more philo-European leadership in the Syntīrítikos, the historical star of the party said that after Scotland, where the philo-European National Party dominates, and Northern Ireland, where the nationalist Σιν ​​Φέιν θριαμβείσει στις στις στις και ο The English Parliament is distancing itself from the consequences of Brexit and favoring the philanthropic Δημοκράτες, that is, the third party of the country, which has a clear philo-European orientation.

A total of 13 Conservative officials, including the Finance and Health Ministers, have submitted their resignations within 13 hours.

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Πηγή: Talk TV

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